Websites of Dharmaraja College are here
Click following links to access
Websites of Dharmaraja College are here Click following links to access
Dharmaraja College Web Portal
Dharmaraja College Web Portal
Sir D.B. Jayathilake Memorial Dharmaraja college Archives
Dharmaraja College Archives collects all information of the history of the College and Kandy.
The archives is situated in the College, in the completely renovated, refurnished old Milton Senanayake Chemistry Lab. This web site gives the information about the Archives. 

Archives Databases
Dharmaraja Archives maintained a massive databases which include any data related to Dharmaraja. These data can be accessed throguh following applications. Members of the Old Boys' data are linked to the respective union websites through which the members see their own membership.
New Users
Rajans Data
Teams Data (Temporary Disabled)
OBU and Past Teachers Unions
Archives Artifacts (Temporary Disabled)
School Managements System (Temporary Disabled)

Rajans' Wikipedia (Temporary Disabled)
This is a private Wikipedia that allows members of Rajans community to write about the College history as well as about themselves. A private Wikipedia was started because public Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and  moderators can remove data if they are not of global importance, but for us we need information of every Rajan.

Following websites are maintained by Dharmaraja Archives
Old Boys' groups get many advantages by allowing the Archives to maintain their websites. All websites get unified extention the Archives will provide unified emails for the officers of the OBU in the format where OFFICER will be president, secretary or treasurer.

Also all the OBU Groups get a link to Rajans databases where the OBU can see and maintain their membership details. Since the data can be maintained by the members themselves or by any OBU, the update about a member will be reflected across all the unions. This will minimize the inconsistency of the information an every rajan can access the up to date information thus benefiting all.

Therefore the OBU groups are requested to link the membership data to their sites. Please contact the President of the Archives.

Dharmaraja College Old Boys' Union (OBU)

OBU is the apex body of the old boys' of the College. It has a membership over 4500. You can see the activities of the present OBU Executive Committee and also the past activities done by the previous Ex-Co. Also you can see the members information in this site. 

79/80 Group
Started in 1991 and one of the active year groups of the College. Members are the students who did their GCE O/L in 1979 and 1980. 79/80 group established the College Archives in 2001 and was one of the most successful projects in the history and handed over to the college. 

Old Hostellers (Temporary Disabled)
This is a group of old boys who were in the College Hostel. It is a group of very active members who improve the hostel's acitivities as well as who look after the welfare of the hostellers.

Following websites are maintained by themselves
Dharmaraja College
OBU Colombo Branch
OBU UK Branch
Dharmaraja College Oldboys' Association - Australia 
Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America (DAANA)
Dharmaraja College Grop of 94

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